The Western Ballet Trainee program consists of the preparation to dance with professional ballet dancers by exposing the students to the discipline and expectations of company level rehearsals and shows. This is a two-year program for students ages 15 and older who meet the requirement to dance at a professional level and may be preparing for a professional dance career.  Students are selected to participate in the Trainee Program by invitation from Western Ballet Artistic Director, Alexi Zubiria.  The Trainee Program is a rigorous program in which students train in ballet and other dance disciplines. Trainees rehearse and perform classical and contemporary works from Western Ballet extensive repertoire and have the opportunity to work with world-renowned guest choreographers. The students will dance aside with hired professionals and other trainees to prepare for the upcoming company shows.   The school provides them the chance to dance and work with higher level pieces as well as classical and neo-classical works. The students are selected for the program based on a number of criteria that includes technique level, lines, artistry, discipline and professionalism. The aim of this program is to help the students grow to a professional level as we have already seen them grow with just a bit of exposure.

The personal attention and guidance by the Western Ballet Faculty will help prepare each student for his/her dance future. Trainees who are invited back for a second year and complete two consecutive years of study in this program will receive a certificate of training upon completion of their second year.

Trainee Program Admission
Students are selected to participate in the Trainee Program by invitation from Western Ballet’s Artistic Director, Alexi Zubiria once they reach a pre-professional proficiency in their technique. Students’ work and performance in class will also be evaluated to see if they are eligible to participate in the Trainee Program.

Students interested in join the program after the scheduled auditions have passed should contact Western Ballet, info@westernballet.org


  • Students must be enrolled in Western Ballet Youth program.
  • Students need to maintain the proficiency level, commitment and drive.
  • Students must meet all technical qualifications.
  • Students must do any role assigned to them with a good attitude.
  • Students must be a role model to other students in the school.
  • Students must attend all rehearsals assigned to him/her.

To learn more about meeting the requirements of this program, please schedule an appointment with the Artistic Director.