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Emily Wirtz
Dance Center Coordinator

Alison Share
Artistic Director Assistant


Bay Area National Dance Week (BANDW)

April 26th 2014

2:00 - 3:30 pm

Please join us in celebrating the Bay Area National Dance Week (BANDW) with a collaborative free performance at Western Ballet Studio Theater. Western Ballet outreach celebrates the BANDW by hosting and coordinating a collaborative free performance with local and the larger Bay Area dance organizations. This year’s BANDW performance features a very diverse program that includes classical, neo-classical, character/folk, contemporary, modern and jazz styles of dance. There will be snacks and refreshments for sale in the lobby of the facilities. Seating is on a first comes first served bases.

Program Order - subject to change

- Western Ballet - 2:05pm
- Ballet San Jose Trainee Program - 2:15pm
- Western Ballet - 2:20pm
- Arax Dance Company - 2:25pm
- Ballet San Jose Trainee Program & Ballet San Jose School - 2:30pm
- Menlowe Ballet 2:35 pm
- Bhumn Dance 2:45pm
- High Release Dance - 3:10pm
- Western Ballet - 3:02pm