Assistant Artistic Director, Alison Share and Artistic Director, Alexi Zubiria – Rehearsing Western Ballet’s annual performance of The Nutcrakcer

Western Ballet Mission Statement

Western Ballet is 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization that makes the art of classical ballet performances and education accessible and affordable to the general public, including low income families and underrepresented organizations.

 About Western Ballet

The Western Ballet Youth Program methodology is derived from the experiences of Artistic Director Alexi Zubiria’s distinguished career as a principal dancer and guest artist with some of the most renowned ballet companies in Europe, the USA and South America. Zubiria’s core ballet methodology, as most methodologies throughout the world, evolved from the earlier Russian Vaganova method, to the newer more “open” classical ballet school and style that all premier dancers in the world are using today. The newer school produces longer, more flexible and resilient bodies, needed to endure the current higher technical and artistic demands of the world class stage without any injuries.

Artistic Director, Alexi Zubiria’s methodology puts great emphasis on the quality of execution of the movement while preserving the epaulment progressions founded in earlier ballet methods. The major aspects of this ballet methodology include “alignment” (plumb-line), which refers to keeping the head, shoulders, and hips vertically aligned, “port de bras (carriage of the arms), correct back posture, and lighter, faster and cleaner leg and foot work

Western Ballet’s Open Program is open to the public, offering more than 30 ballet classes a week for adults and teenagers who want to challenge and inspire themselves through dance. All of our classes and workshops are taught by professional dancers and choreographers with many different class levels, from absolute beginner to professional.

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